Notes of Gratitude

There are so many people whom we wish to thank for their constant support, love, and acknowledgment of my beloved father, particularly our heart-families in Kansas and California—Vickie, Sheila, and Waynefor their unparalleled love and perpetuation of my father’s legacy in heart and spirit. 

Since this site’s inception in 1998, we have received scores of letters, tributes, and remembrances from people around the world—some of whom knew my father personally, and many others who still listen to his voice, to this day. We are deeply privileged, humbled, and grateful for such recognition, and we know that my father would be awe-inspired by the fact that he has reached so many lives via the Internet—a medium of communication/information that did not exist in his time. 

Special thanks go to our dear friends in Tiszacsege, Hungary, my father’s birthplace, where a plaque honoring my paternal family and my father’s career was edified outside the family home. Every fall, an annual “Miklós Gafni Day” commemorates their lives and legacies.

On a personal note, this cyber venue has also been a kind of shrine to my father, since his gravesite is not close by, and when we wish to visit him, we come here to listen and take in the beauty of his soul.

The “awards” to the right were graciously bestowed by our friends, Ralph and Ruthie, who encouraged the construction of this site in its earliest days. We think of them still — and ever. 


Heartfelt, Infinite Gratitude Goes To Our Australian Family Friends,
Roo, Hec and Phyl McMillan ~ Forever In Our Hearts
That Serendipitous Meeting All Those Years Ago Has Everlasting Reverberant Effects


Click To Play "Egy Rozsaszál ("A Single-Stemmed Rose"), My Father's Tribute Song To His Mother, Helena