A Timeless Legacy of Love and Song

I created this site in loving tribute to my father, renowned tenor, Miklós Gafni.

Having achieved recognition in his native Hungary, my father toured extensively, performing in opera houses worldwide.

 Subsequent to his Carnegie Hall debut in 1949, he received stellar reviews. Life Magazine acclaimed him as “the Hungarian Caruso,” while one New York Times reporter (among scores of other journalists) heralded him as being “among the greatest tenors of his day.”

 My father highlighted his world tours with a Royal Command Performance and a White House concert, and added two films to his credit, The Golden Cage (produced by Ervin G. Litkei—Please see the Youtube videos below) and A Voice Is Born.

 My father’s untimely passing in 1981 prompted the subsequent release of the CD entitled “Miklós Gafni Sings,” through the kind, diligent efforts of Ervin G. Litkei. Other recordings may also be available upon request.  

My family and I invite you to experience the voice within the man, whose legacy of love and giving resounds, still and ever, in the hearts of those who knew him and listened.

The Golden Cage

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